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National Coal Council - 1984|2020

In the fall of 1984, Secretary of Energy Don Hodel announced the establishment of the National Coal Council (NCC). In creating the NCC, Secretary Hodel noted that “The Reagan Administration believes the time has come to give coal – our most abundant fossil fuel – the same voice within the federal government that has existed for petroleum for nearly four decades.”

The Council was tasked to assist government and industry in determining ways to improve cooperation in areas of coal research, production, transportation, marketing and use. On that day in 1984, the Secretary named 23 individuals to serve on the Council, noting that these initial appointments indicate that “the Department intends to have a diverse spectrum of the highest caliber of individuals who are committed to improving the role coal can lay in both our Nation’s and the world’s energy future.”

Throughout its 35-year history, the NCC has maintained its focus on providing guidance to the U.S. Secretary of Energy on various aspects of the coal industry. NCC has retained its original charge to represent a diversity of perspectives through its varied membership and continues to welcome members with extensive experience and expertise related to coal.

The NCC serves as an advisory group to the Secretary of Energy chartered under the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA). The NCC is incorporated as a 501c6 non-profit organization in the State of Virginia. Serving as an umbrella organization, NCC, Inc. manages the business aspects of running the Council.

The Council’s activities include providing the Secretary with advice on:

The principal activity of the NCC is to prepare reports for the Secretary of Energy. The NCC’s members, Executive Committee, Chair’s Leadership Council and Coal Policy Committee develop prospective topics for the Secretary’s consideration as potential subjects for NCC reports. During its 35-year history, the NCC has prepared nearly 40 reports for the Secretary, at no cost to the Department of Energy. All NCC studies are publicly available on the NCC website.

NCC Inc. is a separate, non-governmental, non-profit organization that receives no government funding for its operation. Financing for NCC Inc. relies on annual voluntary contributions from members and sponsors. NCC Inc. provides administrative assistance and support to the NCC Federal Advisory Committee on a no-cost basis to the Department of Energy.

www.NationalCoalCouncil.org is the official website of the NCC Inc. NCC Inc. is a 501(c) organization that assists with the U.S. Department of Energy’s management of the National Coal Council (NCC), a federal advisory committee that provides advice to the U.S. Secretary of Energy. The official website for NCC, the federal advisory committee, may be accessed at https://ncc.energy.gov/ncc/.