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Studies of The National Coal Council

1986 - 2021

NCC Reports Overview 1986 - 2021

NCC Reports Overview 1986 - 2021

CARBON FORWARD Advanced Markets For Value-Added Products from Coal

Coal Power Cleaner Stronger Energy

Coal in a New Carbon Age




August 2016 CO2 Building Blocks: Assessing CO2 Utilization Options

Fall 2015 Leveling the Playing Field for Low Carbon Coal

January 2015 Fossil Forward - Revitalizing CCS: Bringing Scale and Speed to CCS Deployment

May 2014 Reliable & Resilient - The Value of Our Existing Coal Fleet

June 2012 - Harnessing Coal 's Carbon Content to Advance the Economy, Environment, and Energy Security

March 2011 - Expedited CCS Development: Challenges & Opportunities

December 2009 - Low-Carbon Coal

May 2008 - The Urgency of Sustainable Coal

June 2007 - Technologies to Reduce or Capture and Store Carbon Dioxide Emissions

March 2006 - Coal: America 's Energy Future Part 1

March 2006 - Coal: America 's Energy Future Part 2

December 2004 - Opportunities to Expedite the Construction of New Coal-Based Power Plants

May 2003 - Coal-Related Greenhouse Gas Management Issues

May 2001 - Increasing Electricity Availability from Coal-Fired Generation in the Near-Term

May 2000 - R&D Needs for Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide

Archived Studies

November 1998 - Coal's Role in Achieving Eco Growth & Environmental Stability

October 1997 - Clean Air Act Rules

February 1997 - Vision 2020 The Role of Coal In US Energy Strategy

November 1995 - Implications for Coal Markets of Utility Deregulation and Restructuring

May 1995 - A Critical Review of Efficient and Environmentally Sound Coal Utilization Technology

February 1994 - Clean Coal Technology for Sustainable Development

November 1993 - The Export of US Coal and Coal Technologies

February 1993 - The Role of US Coal in Energy Economy and the Environment

May 1992 – Special Report on Externalities

January 1992 - Improving Coals Image

January 1992 - The Near Term Role for Coal in the Future Energy Strategy of the US

June 1990 - Industrial Use of Coal and Clean Coal Technology

June 1990 – Long Range Role of Coal

December 1988 - The Use of Coal

November 1988 - Innovative Clean Coal Technology Deployment

June 1987 - Coal: Improving International Competitiveness

June 1987 - Reserve Data Base Report

June 1986 - Report on Industrial Boiler New Source Performance Standards

June 1986 - Coal Conversion

June 1986 - Clean Coal Technologies

June 1986 - Interstate Transmission of Electricity

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